Our Financial Literacy Curriculum

Financial literacy vs. 21st century financial literacy.

Your students’ futures are global. Will they thrive in a global economy? Will they fit into this new order or be forever on the outside, looking in? How will they prepare for college and career? The answers to these questions depend very much on whether they are financially literate.

In this complex and increasingly globalized world, financial literacy requires knowledge about global commerce, business, entrepreneurship, and innovation. By making financial literacy a part of your students’ education, you are taking their college and career readiness to a new level.

The 21st Century Student’s Guide to Financial Literacy is a classroom-ready and easy to teach financial literacy curriculum. your students will become proficient in “big picture” financial literacy topics including barter and trade, the evolution of money, the rise of capitalism, currency, venture capital, startups, intellectual property, securities and stock markets, wealth disparity, and global free trade agreements. They will understand the roles of such powerful institutions as the SEC, USPTO, Federal Reserve Bank, IMF, World Bank, World Trade Organization, G7, G20, and the Eurozone. They will build an extensive vocabulary of over 200 key terms and concepts, gain context for what they will learn in high school and college, and insight into world events. This course is among the most relevant you can offer your students