★ Highly Recommended Lesson Links

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This page contains links to the highly recommended videos and other resources for Lessons 1- 17 of The 21st Century Student’s Guide to Financial Literacy. A few of these are so useful, they deserve a spot at the  top of your additional resource shortlist.

First up is Learning Markets. This site gets an A+ with over 100 short videos about all things financial. Keep in mind The Consumer Electronics Show is a constant source of excellent videos featuring the very latest in tech and other innovations. Bloomberg West has excellent videos on the latest tech news and interviews featuring a variety of interesting and inspiring Silicon Valley personalities. Finally, there’s no link here to PBS’ 4 hour/4part PBS series on Niall Ferguson’s The Ascent of Money, but it can be accessed through You Tube and PBS. It is highly recommended for in-class or assigned home-viewing.

Lesson 1 You’re Surrounded

Commerce News – Department of Commerce

Lesson 2 – Cave Man Commerce

Myers Briggs Personality Test

Lesson 3 – Show Me the Medium of Exchange

World’s Biggest Data Breaches (Hacks) Interactive Graphic

 Lesson 4 The  Money Morph

Goals of the Federal Reserve

The Essence of How Bitcoin Works

Atlanta Fed – How Fiat Money Works

Lesson 5 – Crazy for Currency


Lesson 6- Crusaders, Unpleasant Peasants, and Mobsters


Lesson  7 – Commerce (Hearts) Capitalism


Lesson 8 – Commerce = The Sum of Many Parts

World Economic Forum

Lesson 9 – The Trait to Innovate


Lesson 10 – A Garage is for More Than Parking a Car


Lesson 11 – You’re the  Entrepreneur


CE State by State Innovation Scorecard

Lesson 12 – Business Blast

Lesson  13 The Quest for Capital

 Lesson 14 – Who Put the Wall in Wall Street?

Learning Markets: What Are Bonds and How Do They Work? http://www.learningmarkets.com/what-are-bonds-and-how-do-they-work/

Learning Markets: How Does an IPO Work?  http://www.learningmarkets.com/how-does-an-ipo-work/

Lesson 15 – Walk’n on Wall Street

Learning Markets: How Does an IPO Work?http://www.learningmarkets.com/how-does-an-ipo-work/

Learning Markets: Understanding Institutional Ownership  http://www.learningmarkets.com/understanding-institutional-ownership/

Lesson 16 – Bulls n Bears n Boats

Learning Markets: Using Dividends in a Bear Market http://www.learningmarkets.com/using-dividend-stocks-in-a-bear-market/

The Wall Street Bull


Lesson 17 – Breaking Down Barriers

Here’s a link to the WTO video library. http://www.wto.org/english/res_e/webcas_e/webcas_e.htm