Freebie Lessons and Activities

  • Disparity Despair Where’s My Pot of Gold?
    Here's a worksheet for teaching about the basics and language of wealth disparity. It was created for a St. Patrick's Day activity, but works year round — especially today — tax day 🙁
  • How to Ruin a College Career
    Binge drinking is a serious problem on a lot of college campuses. Here's a lesson plan originally written for The Middle School Student’s Guide to College. With a little modification it'll work great for juniors applying to college and graduating seniors heading off to college. Gives them a bit more to work with than "Just don't do it."


It’s importashutterstock_75295444nt for students to know a bit about barter. After all, barter was the beginning of trade and the source from which all modern commerce springs. Barter has mainly fallen out of use today because it is an inefficient economic system. Why is it inefficient? This fun activity from Lesson 2 of The 21st Century Student’s Guide to Financial Literacy brings home the realities of the barter system. In this lesson, students are trying to find a double coincidence of wants — which is a requirement for a successful barter.

Six (Fun) Last Minute Activities to Build College Knowledge


What kinds of obstacles do your students face to postsecondary education? Consider the following college knowledge profiles, then select from the activities below to help your students advance their college knowledge before heading to high school. (This was originally posted for rising 8th graders, but the activities can be adapted to any grade.)