The 21st Century Student’s Guide to College

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 8.54.28 AMCollege readiness includes knowing about college and the postsecondary process. The problem is, many of these things are pretty hard to understand. First, there’s all that strange new vocabulary. College and college prep has a language of its own: SAT, ACT, rigor, admissions, AA, BA, BS, MA, core course, liberal arts… What does it all mean?

Then there’s all that information about college selection, majors, and financial aid. And what about that student who has turned off to college because they can’t stand the thought of four more years of school? How do you convince them they’ll miss  one of the funnest and ultimately most rewarding experiences of their life? How can students make the right decisions when they really don’t know much about the process?

The 21st Century Student’s Guide to College is 100% classroom-ready, fun, and full of valuable information for getting students confidently on the path to their postsecondary goals. In 15 lessons, students build a vocabulary of over 110 college path terms and an understanding of key concepts of college prep, admission, alternatives to a four year college, student activities, majors and degrees, grad school, and even a little about college sports. Instructional slides, vocabulary flashcards, and additional resources included.

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Instructor’s Guide $45.95 250 pages; spiral bind; b&w interior.
Student work/text $11.95  233 pages; spiral bind; b&w interior; worksheets and assessments included.