The 21st Century Student’s Guide to Study Skills

Study Skills CoverAccording to Achieve’s extensive college-readiness survey, work habits and study skills top the area in which students are least prepared for the demands of postsecondary work. Many students fail or underperform in college courses because of poor and unproductive learning skills. Not only is remediation demoralizing, it’s expensive! To be prepared for the academic demands of postsecondary coursework, students must develop and habituate productive learning skills and strategies.

This fun 28 lesson curriculum is a high school adaptation of cousin Tween’s popular resource The Middle School Student’s Guide to Study Skills. It is a classroom-ready curriculum covering all aspects of good study skills — from metacognitive strategies, to learning styles, notetaking, outlining, memory and recall, test-taking skills, critical thinking, distance learning, and much more. Comics, graphics, and practice activities make this course a breeze to teach, ensuring your students will have what it takes to be truly college ready. Instructional slides, vocabulary flashcards and additional resources included.

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Instructor’s Guide $69.95;  305 pages; spiral bind; b&w interior.
Student work/text $15.95;  288 pages; spiral bind; b&w interior;