Why Teach Academic Mindsets and Behaviors?

College readiness is not just mastery of content.

College readiness refers to the level of preparation a student must have in order to enroll and succeed at the postsecondary level without remediation. The fact is, too many students fail college courses because of poor and unproductive learning skills.

Depending on the source, the remediation rate for first year college students is anywhere between 25-40% No matter what the rate, remediation is costly. Students (or their parents) shell out for courses for which the student receives no credit. Institutions, most of which are publicly funded, pay for courses that reteach material students should already know. Statistics indicate that a students who takes a remedial course is far more likely to drop out without earning a degree. Remediation rates and consequences are high.

What’s at the heart of this lack of preparedness? What are students missing? College readiness is far more than what students know — it’s how they learn. To be prepared for the academic demands of postsecondary coursework, students must develop productive learning skills and strategies. Many students are simply not learning the academic skills they need to succeed at the postsecondary level.

Learning these skills and strategies is just the first step. Habituation is next. Students must adopt these skills and make them part of their learning routine. To do this they require consistent instruction and enforcement over an extended period of time. Ideally,  students should be immersed in a school-wide academic culture of good skills and learning habits, where teachers are “on the same page” teaching and enforcing these skills.

The 21st Century Student’s Guide to Study Skills a fun, 28 lesson, classroom-ready curriculum covering all aspects of good study skills — from metacognitive strategies, to learning styles, notetaking, outlining, memory and recall, test-taking skills, critical thinking, distance learning, and much more. Comics, graphics, and practice activities make this course a breeze to teach, ensuring your students will have what it takes to be truly college ready. Instructional slides, vocabulary flashcards, and additional resources included.